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Storage types and rooms for musicians, artists and your hobby

Sometimes you simply want to make room and you don’t know what to do with the stuff. Storage space is needed: For bulky items, such as furniture (cupboards, sofa sets, tables, chairs, garden furniture, etc.), or when many small things need to be stored, such as Files (archiving them to meet retention periods). To avoid any damage to the stored items the storage room must be clean, dry and temperated – thus parting of the classic stopgap (basement, garage, attic or container) in most cases.

Mein Mietlager in Böblingen offers flexible self-storage solutions tailored to your needs, both in the dimensions of the storage space as well as in terms of the rental period. Talk to us...

...and we will propose a suitable self-storage solution. You will be amazed at how little space is required with good planning and experience in storing various items.

Locked Storage Box

Daily access from 6.00 a.m. till 10.00 p.m.
Dry, and the room is at a pleasant temperature
Absolute privacy guaranteed by your own padlock
The general entrance is monitored by CCTV
Particularly suitable for: storing furniture, document storage, packing cases, seasonal articles, sports equipment.
...if you need more space again: in the cellar, in the garage, in the attic.

From 1 sqm to 100 sqm; height 2,5 - 3 m
Larger floor spaces by request
Minimum storage period: 4 weeks

Storage space with Office unit

24/7 access
Dry, and the room is at a pleasant temperature
individual sizes, i.e. 100sqm storage space with 25 sqm office unit space
land line phone connection and internet connection
access to delivery ramp
General access with Video surveillance
Price on request
minimum period of rental: 4 weeks

Rooms for Musicians, Artists and your Hobby

24h access
Shared use of sanitary facilities
Wi-Fi available
Room sizes from 10sqm, 3.5 meters ceiling height
Price on request
minimum period of rental: 4 weeks

Parking Space in the Underground Parking Garage

Daily access, 24/7 Dry
Access to the Car Park with remote control
Access monitored by CCTV
Measures: 5.00 x 2.30 metres (for cars)
Underground car park
Underground motorcycle park
including battery charge current
minimum period of rental: 4 weeks

Outside Parking Space

Daily access, 24/7
Access to the Car Park monitored by CCTV
Measures: Flexible
minimum period of rental: 4 weeks